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Renée is a certified Executive Coach with over 28 years of Silicon Valley Experience


Coaching that meets you where you are with practical help for today and developmental approaches for long-term impact.


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Leadership Coaching & Team Development Services

to help you grow as a leader and build better teams

Executive Coaching

Better lead teams, balance your work and home life, and reinvent the way you live.

Team Development

Group coaching and facilitation services to build better teams and optimize the impact of every team member.

We give you the tools to

Become a better leader


Executive Coaching

Influence and motivate people and organizations. Become a more effective leader. Advance your career.


Strategic Planning and Facilitation

Develop and facilitate planning. Execute business strategies and plans.


Group Coaching

Use the power of a group to solve problems and improve team dynamics.


Communications Coaching

Develop and communicate your vision. Create and communicate compelling messages. Become an expert at storytelling.


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“…Renee had a profound impact on both my personal and professional growth…”

Working with Renee had a profound impact on both my personal and professional growth. She possesses a unique ability to guide you in discovering your passions, setting clear and achievable goals, and creating plans to achieve them. Under her guidance, I was able to unearth ambitions that I hadn’t previously recognized, leading to a newfound sense of clarity and purpose in my career trajectory. Renee not only imparts invaluable knowledge and skills but also provides feedback tailored to your needs, fostering continuous improvement and development. I wholeheartedly endorse Renee as a professional coach for anyone seeking to unlock their full potential and achieve unprecedented success.


Sr. PM Digital Employee Experience, Adobe

“…a gifted leader with strong strategic and world class execution skills…”

Renee is a gifted leader with strong strategic and world class execution skills. It was my pleasure to work with her at Siemens Corporation in various marketing roles. She was instrumental in developing the lead generation program, which improved the quality of the sales leads, resulting in increased sales revenue. Overall, Renee is one of the strongest business professionals in the industry.


Coach, Communications and Marketing Professional

“…Renee was there with targeted coaching to help me…”

Renee was able to quickly connect to me at my core and was able to put together a coaching program aligned to that core.  The program was incredible and enjoyable in every way.  As I stumbled Renee was there with targeted coaching to help me continue moving forward.  With kindness, insight, and creativity Renee provides a wholistic coaching experience for her clients which will absolutely provide a way forward for your desired growth.


Services Sales Specialist, Cisco

“Her professionalism and attention to detail are evident in everything she does…”

I had the pleasure of working with Renee for several years. Her professionalism and attention to detail are evident in everything she does. Even when handed unexpected programs to manage, she jumped right in and excelled at her role. Renee treats all people she meets with such kindness, and that is so important in our world today. If you have an opportunity to work with Renee in the future, I highly recommend you do so, you won’t regret it!


“I am so grateful to have been coached by Renee…”

I am so grateful to have been coached by Renee!  She helped me work on my tendency to derive my sense of self-worth solely with my job.  Her straightforward and kind approach allowed me to be vulnerable and honest with her.  She created a thoughtful, detailed coaching plan that was clearly individualized to me and what I wanted to get out of coaching.  Her support as we worked together was thoughtful and non-judgmental.  At the end, I felt like I had gained a variety of tools and techniques to address my presenting issue, and that I had new way of looking at myself.  I would very highly recommend coaching with Renee to anyone.


School Psychologist

“I had the extreme good fortune to work on Renee’s Cisco team for…”

I had the extreme good fortune to work on Renee’s Cisco team for nearly four years. She is an inspirational, empathetic leader who possesses the unique combination of strategic planning and execution skills necessary to drive growth and profitability. As a leader, she brings out the best in people. Through her coaching and mentoring, she helped me grow personally and professionally, and she continues to coach me to this day. Renee and I co-created a comprehensive professional development plan to get me thinking out of the box, expand my skill set and position my capabilities for new, exciting opportunities. I cannot overstate the value of her engaging, effective coaching methodology, style, approach, and results!

 – Brad

Global Industry Lead, Cisco Education

“Renee completely changed my perspective on life…”

When I first met Renee, I was experiencing feelings of anxiety, loneliness, sadness and just overall feeling lost in who I was and who i wanted to become. She helped and encouraged me to really dig deep within to not only find myself but to love the person who I am. Renee completely changed my perspective on life and showed me the beauty of P A U S I N G, finding the beauty all around and living in the moment before it is gone.  I cannot recommend her enough! And Renee- thank you for showing me that I am not only brave but also a beautiful water lily in this world.


Registered Nurse

“Renee developed a comprehensive marketing and business plan…”

Renee developed a comprehensive marketing and business plan for MMDesign that helped us to create a successful company. Renee’s ability to boil down complex business dependencies, relationships and paradigms to simple actionable tasks enabled our business to be successful for years to come.


President & CEO

“Renee helped me navigate through my transformation…”

When I started working with Renee, my job had recently changed to a strategic role, which required a great deal of learning and growth.  Renee helped me navigate through my transformation into this new role, gave me tools on how to not only recognize and address my personal feelings, but to also steady the ship, so to say.  As a result, I was able to better advocate for myself and get the promotion I had been seeking.

Renee’s approach is holistic – she has the ability to recognize personal growth goals and connect those to business goals.   She serves as both a mentor and a coach, and her empathy is her greatest skill as she seeks to meet you where you are, helping you get to where you want to go.


Partner Integrated Strategy Lead, Cisco

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