Blue Glass knows people are at the heart of businesses. We provide you with tools to transform your way of living and working and to increase business effectiveness today. Avoid the lengthy process of hiring a coach and a business consultant.  Do both today.

Developing the Whole Leader

Blue Glass provides you with tools tailored to immediately transform your way of living and how you work. Avoid having to figure it out on your own and increase your effectiveness today.
Whether you’re an executive, founder, or individual contributor, Blue Glass can help. Need personal or life coaching? We can do that too.

Effectively Grow your Business

Blue Glass helps you develop and clarify your business goals and objectives and provides you with customized blueprints for growth. Avoid hiring large consulting companies where you get lost in the fray and get to the heart of how you can grow your business.
Need a business plan, marketing plan, project management, or message and content creation, Blue Glass has you covered.

Why Blue Glass?

We know that businesses are built on people. You can have the greatest plans in the world, but if you don’t have effective people and leaders, your plan will fail. Blue Glass understands the intersection between people and business, offering transformative coaching and business consulting services.
With over 26 years of business, management, sales, and marketing leadership experience in both small start-ups and Fortune 100 companies, Renee Patton, the founder and CEO of Blue Glass, has a proven track record of success in penetrating new markets, driving execution, and building businesses, teams, and people. As a Certified Integral Coach, her mission is to positively influence people and organizations to deliver better results.
She understands how to create positive and collaborative cultures based on individuals, their strengths, their passions, and their motivation.

Benefits of using Blue Glass

Develop People – Grow Business

Leadership Experience

26 years of experience in start-ups and Fortune 100 Companies

Coaching Expertise

Certified Integral Coach, empowering people to lead change

Creative Business Approach

Ability to immediately see patterns and develop creative ways to solve problems

Expert Communications

Recognized speaker and thought leader in the Education and Healthcare industries

Teaching People to Fish

Former teacher and elected school board member

Lightning Speed Results

Proven methodology to help people immediately transform how they live, work, relate with others, and lead teams

How does it work?

Free Chemistry Call

Let’s talk! We offer a free 30-minute consultation to discuss your “presenting issue,” or the problem you’re trying to solve. A difficult teammate? Trouble at home? Need to drive a business initiative? They are all related. This call is for us to get to know one another and see if there’s a fit.


If we decide to move forward together, we will create an agreement that outlines the total number of sessions and the rate for coaching and/or the rate for consulting. This will result in a signed agreement that defines pricing and terms we agree upon.

Intake Session(s)

Whether it’s a personal challenge or business problem, this session is for me to learn everything related to the issue so that I can start finding patterns.

Coaching Plan

For personal challenges (that always relate to your larger existence), I will create a tailored plan just for you. This will include the co-creation of personal narratives and specific practices and activities that will help you to realize a new way of being.

Consulting Plan

In the event you need a consultant rather than or in addition to a coach, I will create a customized consulting plan that outlines the work to be done. This might include a business plan, a marketing plan, messaging and content creation, presenter preparation, or process development.

Subsequent Sessions

We will meet weekly or bi-weekly to discuss and determine progress against the plan that we create.


At the end of our last session, we will decide whether to continue engagement or go our separate ways.