Since we practice the Integral Coaching® methodology, we first obtain an understanding of the client within multiple areas of his or her life.  This approach is living and dynamic, always shifting based on what is happening in a person’s unique environment, and the depth of development the individual is experiencing.

Our goal is to help clients create a new way of being, reliant on their own inner guidance and internal resources.  With an integral approach as the foundation, we help individuals in the areas where we see the greatest need, executive, career, communications, and personal coaching.  Based on our work with each client, we create customized coaching plans based on a defined purpose and clear set of outcomes.

These plans might include self-reflection or self-observation activities, a range of mindfulness and meditation practices, exercises for health and well-being, all concrete actions that help you to realize a new way of being.  We work with you to build awareness and to create lasting change that goes well-beyond our coaching engagement.

Executive Coaching

The ability to influence and motivate people and organizations and to develop and communicate a solid vision are the currencies of executives.  Being able to get up on stage to deliver your message to thousands is table-stakes.  If you’re a new executive, the great skill sets that got you the job may not be sufficient for you to take a team or organization to the next level.

If you’ve been around the block a few times as an executive, but feel stagnant or stuck in your current position, or if you have to come up with a new vision for the future, we can provide perspective on where you are today, help identify opportunities, brainstorm approaches, and create a plan to help you turn a different corner.

We have worked with executives at all levels, from start-ups to large Fortune 100 companies, to understand their current situation, where they’d like to take their people and organizations, and how they can get by taking concrete, measurable steps.

We work with executives within the context of their specific business or organization, helping them to areas of opportunity and blind spots, and then to effectively develop and communicate their plan for today and their vision for the future.

What differentiates our executive coaching?  We start with the individual executive.  Who are you? What motivates you? What are your unique qualities, and what connects you with the larger world?  How can you build your vision based on your unique strengths?

Communications Coaching

You’re doing great – you’re in a job you might love, and you have endless ideas about how to innovate, go after a growth opportunity, or shift your organization.  You might have an opportunity to delivery keynote presentations or short TED-style talks.  But you are having a difficult time creating your message, building a story, handling objections, delivering a press briefing, or maybe, communicating your vision.

If you can’t master message creation and storytelling, or you’re too nervous to get up on stage or be center point at a meeting, you may never get to where you need to go.

Blue Glass Company has expert communicators who enable you to get to the heart of your message.  We work with you to find the compelling case and unique differentiation, and support you in building a story to deliver it.  Years of delivering successful executive presentations, press briefings, keynote presentations, and organizational change management initiatives have prepared us for any communications task, large or small.

Career Coaching

Feeling stuck?  We probably all do at one point or another.  You might have a terrific job, but you’re always thinking about what comes next.  Maybe you’ve been waiting for a promotion and don’t understand what’s holding you back.  Or, you might really not like your current job at all and feel like you need to get out.  You might want to change your career altogether.

Many of us have a hard time thinking about what to have for dinner, let alone considering our five-year plan.  Blue Glass helps you to take full stock of where you have been, where you are today, what brings you energy and joy, and what saps your very being.  We provide you with exercises, practices, and activities to chart a course for the future, even if it’s for a week or month from now.

While the future is uncertain, at best, we provide you with the tools to navigate whatever might come your way, within your existing job, or up over the horizon.  This includes developing your personal brand, identifying jobs that might be a good fit for you, working your network, and building an interview package that will help you to win.  You’ll leave career coaching with a solid set of goals and objectives to help you realize your career dreams.

Individual Life Coaching

You may not know what it is, but something is bothering you, creating a low-level of free-floating anxiety in your life.  Or, you might know exactly what it is, a challenging family relationship, difficult conversations, or a life-altering decision you have to make.

This is how Renee came to coaching.  She felt tired and drained by worry about the past and future and was having a nearly impossible time staying present in the moment.  Life was passing her by, most of it consumed by repetitive thought patterns, worst-case scenario planning, and regret over past words, deeds, and decisions.

She had visited psychologists, nutrition coaches, personal trainers, and read many books on being in the moment and how to stop worrying and start living.  She was still worrying.

The journey began through a corporate program that was focused on bringing more presence, awareness, and heart into leadership.  This included the assignment of a personal coach who used tapping to break the cycle of worry, anxiety, and fear for her.

This led to a passion for helping others, supported by a best friend who was an integral coach and who had completed the New Ventures West Integral Coaching program in San Francisco.  Renee went through the program and obtained her Professional Coaching Certification®.  Using the Integral Coaching ® Methodology, Blue Glass Company can help people to process whatever might be troubling them, and to create a clear plan on how to live life more freely and joyfully in the moment and into the future.